With all the technological inventions and implementations of information technology available all around you, it’s quite easy to build an online business nowadays, but making it successful is a whole different deal. In today’s growing community, there’s a large margin of failure for all kinds of businesses and a very small one for becoming successful; however, several entrepreneurs running successful online businesses such as Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com), Garrett Gruener (ask.com), Sean Parker (Spotify), etc have shown that if you are smart enough, you can put success on a leash and walk it around the park every day. Here are five practices followed by successful online businesses that have been devised after extensive research through all their business ideologies, perspectives and practices:

CrowdSourced Feedbacks:

Nowadays E-mail marketing services, internet polls and online surveys have made it much easier to harness feedbacks about your products from your customers. Successful online entrepreneurs such as Arianna Huffington (Huffington post) and Pete Cashmore (Mashable Inc) also successfully opted to choose social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to gather feedbacks about their services. Some businesses also prefer to use E-mail marketing services such as MailChimp to send over mass emails to conduct surveys about their products and/or services.

Successful online businesses constantly keep on remodeling and evolving their products and services according to their customer’s needs and requirements; honestly speaking, it’s one of the best ways to let your business go mainstream.

Stalk Your Competition:

Entrepreneurs of the 21st century are bound to have competitions and to achieve success; you must keep updated about all their new projects/products/plans to make sure that you stay a step ahead of them all the time. On the contrary to popular belief, when Facebook was founded back in 2004, there were other social media platforms such as Myspace, Orkut and Hi5; however, none of these websites never even went close to the level of popularity that Facebook has and the reason is simple, Facebook is simply better than all the other social media platforms and with its success, it has certainly driven almost all the other competitors out of the game.

Think Out of The Box:

As hard as it might sound, it’s actually pretty easy because there is nothing too weird or too whacky in the business world anymore. Nowadays, successful online businesses can actually pertain to any field that you can think of at the moment, literally any field. Take for instance, entrepreneurs Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick, their company explosm which mainly produces comic books, strips, cartoons, etc based on their flagship theme Cyanide&Happiness made a whopping $770,309 on kickstarter.com which is an online startup built by Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adle designed to help other startups raise money. So, as you can see with both kickstarter and explosm, the ideas might sound pretty unconventional and weird, but when it comes to achieving success, they stood out! And that’s what matters!!

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