The modern day improvements and advancements in the various fields of science and technology has made starting up online business a walk in the park nowadays; however, there’s a thick boundary differentiating between starting up an online business and making it successful. And entrepreneurs nowadays can have a really tricky time in figuring out how to make online businesses successful; while there are many ways to do so, the following four have chosen the path of different types of internet marketing to take their respective businesses to the peak:

  1. Dave Sifry:

He is the founder of Technorati, which is essentially a publisher advertising platform that serves as an advertising solution for the thousands of websites that it has within its network. Founded in 2008, Dave took this company to a whole new level with smart marketing techniques which included, but was not limited to, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing. One might argue that the ingenious ideas behind Technorati aided them to their success, but one must also understand that without internet marketing, ideas on the internet do not get any exposure and without exposure, ideas die and flame out pretty quickly.

2. Pete Cashmore:

Pete was only 19 living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, when he founded Mashable Inc.; and from the humble beginnings of a tech blog, it evolved into a global media company based around technology. And its no secret that Mashable Inc.’s now stellar reputation is mostly because of application of smart search engine optimization and Marketing into the website as a whole which enabled more traffics to get drawn into the website from search engine sources.

3. Jonah Peretti:

The popular founder of Buzzfeed and Huffingtonpost needs no introduction and if you surf around the internet much, I am sure that you also do not need any introduction to any of these two websites. One fact that you might not know however is that Jonah is known and perhaps, envied at times too, as the employer of Social Media Marketing Techniques. Both the websites are quite big hits in all social media platforms with a staggering ten million collective likers only on Facebook. While both these websites also used other marketing techniques such as Pay per click marketing and Search Engine Marketing, it was social media marketing that gained them the most fame and glamour.

4. Bob Parsons:

Bob owns the highly esteemed, globally successful Go Daddy group of companies, which is mostly known for its web hosting and domain re-selling services, Bob found the company back in 1997 and still remains to be its largest shareholder. Although, it was found very early in the days, this company has sustained for 18 years in the market and survived through countless business competitions and the company still continues to thrive amongst its fellow competitors; a large portion of all these success can easily be attributed to the perfect application of internet marketing, mainly pertaining to Pay per Click Marketing.


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