Humor is probably the best form of conversation starters out there; it is also probably the most underrated, yet, the most fruitful tactics in communication. Remember how it was always so easy to befriend the funniest guy in class during high school? Just like that, humor content causes your audience to laugh which is why it allows them to connect to your brand on an emotional level and this makes your brand appear more friendly and become more memorable. Here are 4 ways by which you can make your brand/organization become more appealing to the general audience:

  1. Keep it short and simple: When selecting humor contents to post, its always better to keep in mind that the simplest posts are usually the most engaging and successful posts. You should avoid long contents which builds up for a while before delivering the punchline, humor online should be kept it cool, direct and short.
  2. Make it relevant to the current trending topics: There’s always a topic that’s being talked about a lot on the internet, it can be about a talking dog or about a mass murdering psychopath, it doesn’t really matter much, just make sure when you are choosing the correct humor content/photo/video to share with your audience that it is about a topic which is currently trending on that specific social media website.
  3. Go for something viral: When the music video of the song “Harlem Shake” came out in the recent past, the effects were so widespread that it seemed like everyone was making a Harlem Shake video. And whether just for personal kicks, or for business promotional purposes, there were a few which were really great and got a lot of hits on the internet. If you create unique, humor videos/photos/memes about topics which are already viral, there’s a higher chance that your audience are going to watch it and if it’s good, you can gain on a lot of audience using just one humor post.
  4. Not offensive to race/religion: While coming up with ideas for humor contents, it is always better to stay out of the ones that involve certain races or religions. It doesn’t matter whether your company anyhow pertains to that certain religion/race or not, for example, if your company sells bibles or other religious articles to the mass, you should still not be making fun with your posts on social media pages about the Muslims or the Hindus. The authorities of social media platforms or websites are usually very strict about humor contents which target a certain race/religion and most often than not, these posts end up getting banned from the website along with the creator of the post.
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