Since its inception and throughout its evolution, Google corporations have stood out to be a gift for all mankind. Through the diversity and effectiveness of its services, Google’s services offers potential benefits for all online users; amongst their many benefits, these services aid entrepreneurs as well. Reputed entrepreneurs such as Donald Kernan Jr. use Google’s services extensively in their daily course through life. If you are an entrepreneur or at least, a potential one, here are a few of Google’s services that may help achieve your career goals:

  • Gmail

There are a lot of e-mail services out there, but Gmail stands out with its simplicity, competence, adaptability, safety, and reliance. Through its webmaster tools, Google also allows you to build dedicated E-Mail accounts for your company (It allows you to make accounts such as which adds more credibility to your business when mailing to potential clients or when interacting with your audience. Donald Kernan Jr. is a long time user of Gmail and loves all its functions, he also thinks that it’s a great tool for all existing and potential entrepreneurs.

  • Drive

The Google drive was designed to allow its users to upload all their important documents and files into a cloud storage system hosted by Google Corporation. This essentially serves as a collaboration tool for teamwork projects (Since it allows you to share the files with other specified users enabling them to view and edit those files) while it also performs as a reliable backup storage for all your important works. Being a seasoned entrepreneur, Donald Alan Kernan Jr. has remarked that nowadays most organizations use Google drive services while collaborating so if you are an aspiring entrepreneur who does not have experience with Google Drive, get started today to ensure that you don’t fall behind from your competitors in terms of achieving online success.


  • Google+

Google+ is a social media platform created by Google and although, it is not as popular as Twitter or Facebook as of yet, it certainly has its benefits. Twitter and Facebook offers a lot of online marketing benefits for different business organizations due to the immense number of users maintaining active profiles in these sites, but many top entrepreneurs, along with Donald Kernan Jr. use Google + for personal networking which may open up a lot of windows of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investment geniuses.

  • Google Analytics

Nowadays it has become imperative for business entities to have an online presence in the form of a website because an increasing number of people do not take business which lack a website seriously, anymore. Google analytics allows you to keep track of all the visitors of your website while it also provides a seemingly endless list of analysis based upon different aspects of the website, summing up into a very useful daily report which allows you to judge each and every component of your website from time to time.

  • Adword

Adword services by Google is another handy tool by Google which not only allows you to earn money (By putting advertises supplied by Google onto your website), but is also a very effective tool to ‘get the word out there’. At the moment, Adword services by Google is one of the most successful online marketing services out there and Donald Kernan Jr. has also happily admitted that this service has attributed greatly to the online success achieved by a lot of his startups.

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