Twitter is a very popular social media platform with about 288 million active users worldwide. As its popularity increases with every passing year, so does its appeal as an online marketing platform for business entities around the world. Twitter lets you get the word out about all your products and services, but what you need to understand is the fact that there are lots of Twitter profiles out there and to promote your business on Twitter, you have to maintain the sort of profile that people will choose to follow spontaneously. So, although opening up a Twitter account may be a walk in the park, getting word about your business out there through Twitter, unfortunately, is not! Donald Kernan Jr. maintains a successful profile on Twitter which he uses to promote his brands, here are a few tips that might help you reach your desired level of online marketing success through Twitter:

Do not be a Hawker: No one likes a hawker, neither do they like a person who starts to try selling things every opportunity that he/she gets! In real life, when we meet such a person, we try to avoid! The same goes for when you are on Twitter, if you are trying to promote your business’s goods and services by trying your hardest to sell it to anyone who passes you, people will know better than to cross your path!

Donald Kernan Jr. says that it is better if you do not try to sell, instead, hold a normal conversation about the product and constructively explain its benefits.

Keep your Eyes and Ears open:

If you are posting about things that are over a year old in the social media fad, no one is going to pay any attention to what you are trying to say and you aren’t going to gain a lot of followers. So, those of you entrepreneurs who are maintaining an active twitter profile for online marketing benefits, especially the newbies, don’t just jump into sharing contents on your profile after you have just got started. Rather, take your time and find out what people are talking about before you jump into a conversation.

Helpful Posts:

Sharing content only about your business won’t help you gain more followers, take a different approach and start helping out people regarding anything that falls within your knowledge. If you help people out on twitter in a regular basis (without trying to run marketing endeavors for your business), it will build up your follower base and this consequently will enable you to gain more success by online marketing. Donald Kernan Jr. used this method to gain a lot of his initial followers on Twitter.


Retweeting is the process of reposting any interesting or useful content that you have found from someone else’s profile. Donald Alan Kernan Jr. says that retweeting is a good indication to your followers that you are not just yet another entrepreneur looking for online marketing success on Twitter, but you are also willing to share important tips and advices. Overall, retweeting other people’s posts does add a bit of credibility to your profile and helps you gain followers as well!

Following important people:

There are a lot of impactful celebrities and personalities in Twitter and at first, you may feel like following each and every one of those people, but strictly speaking from the business and marketing perspectives of things, following a lot of people from different arenas may only hamper your chances of finding online success through online marketing via twitter. Instead, for maximum benefits, try following professionals who are related to your arena of business.

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