Over the past few years, the world witnessed a meteoric rise of social media websites and platforms in terms of popularity. Not only has social media taken over audiences by the millions, if there’s one thing that the Arab spring has taught us, it is the fact that social media websites are gradually becoming the tools to change the future.


Not only are social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter great to interact with people, these websites also come in handy when gathering audience for a specific topic or brand. I am an avid Facebook user and I see many companies opening up their pages on Facebook to gather audience and consumers for their organization and for the services they provide. Opening up a page on Facebook is easy, but not so much when it comes to gathering audiences. It’s really tough to obtain an adequate amount of audience who would give attention to your products and services on sites such as Twitter or Facebook. There are a lot of tried and tested successful tactics to obtain audience on social media websites, but one of the best ways to do so would be to share humor photos, videos or contents on a regular basis.


It can be really tough to come up with quality humor content to keep an audience hooked on to your organization’s social media page. Which is why, an increasing number of companies are hiring freelancers/part-time employees to create content pertaining to the humor category. These companies are often willing to pay quite good for interested and capable individuals and sometimes, the organizations even offer a full time contract for the perfect candidates. Why do companies pay well for creating silly humor contents? Well, it’s because most companies make a fortune from the audience they gather on social media websites by applying different marketing strategies once they have gathered enough audience to follow their business’s virtual existence.


If you are an individual who is creative and funny at the same time, then creating humor content may turn out to be a very good career path for you. For all we know, laughter is one of the most incredible pleasures of life and mankind is always going to seek for humor content that makes them laugh and businessmen pay well for it because they know that sharing photos, memes or videos with humor content will always be able to charm their audience and keep them attached to their organization’s social media footprint.

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