Case Study

Me & Mom eCommerce implementation


Me & Mom wanted to ensure that every parent has access to high quality and authentic baby and mom products and as most of their customers are urban working women and men who often find it very hard to undergo the many hassles of going out to find the right products, they wanted to make the shop come to them instead of them needing to go out to the stores.


Me & Mom partnered with us at Invento Bangladesh to create a one stop E-commerce site that will serve to provide hassle free delivery of authentic baby products to the Me & Mom customers. We have also created and promoted a great digital marketing campaign to target and attract Me & Mom’s customers and making them aware regarding this E-commerce platform.

How we did it ?

  • We sourced and analyzed the 14,000 products that Me & Mom has to offer and made a database of the best ones.
  • We created a good delivery system and framework and appoint third party operators
  • We created attractive offers and combo packages for the E-commerce site
  • We created and executed a greatly effective content marketing strategy targeting social media, most notably Facebook where most of their customer lies.
  • We created and executed an effective Search Engine Marketing strategy where we most notably performed Google Adwords marketing and PPC marketing targeting the right target audiences.

Our work process

1) Ecommerce framework and structure development
2) Content production for E-commerce promotion and awareness
3) Inventory creation and product uploading
4) Go to market campaign and strategy
5) Brand awareness
6) Brand engagement
7) Brand establishment

About Me & Mom

Me and mom is one of the largest mom and baby products retailer in Bangladesh. They have more than 14 thousand quality products selling through their 5 mega outlets around Dhaka City. They already got recognition in Dhaka city for their huge collection of quality full and authentic baby and mom products as well as the huge varieties of products available at their stores.