ERP Implementation

Manufacturing business automation for Trade Mode Trimming


Trade Mode Trimming is well known garments accessories manufacturing company with 3 sister concerns. They produce verity of garments accessories like woven labels, printed labels, printed hang tags, product boxes and several others. 

From orders to raw material collection to manufacturing, quality control and then delivery their work process consist of so many steps operated by different departments distributed into 3 different companies.  When we are approached we found that everything is operating in manual and very traditional way. There was no transparency in the process which leads to increase in cost and man power. So we have decided to analyze their business first and redesign their business process in a standard way. Immediately we found a fear in old employees about the automation since most of them had a negative thought that they will loose their job. Later we solved it with proper education and training during implementation period.

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3 Companies automated

100+ People trained

Omit 30% redundancy

28% Expense saved

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