Take Full Control of your Organization

Invento ERP Built specially for you

Invento ERP helps to run a small or medium sized business in Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution or Services including Financial Accounting, Inventory, CRM and Sales, Purchasing, Human Resource, Projects and a lot more.

How it works


Setting Up

After setting up ERP by running through the Setup Wizard, Company and first few masters will be created. You can complete it by creating Items, Leads, Customers, Suppliers and Bill of Materials.



Once your system is setup, you can keep track of communication with your Leads or Customers. You can send them Newsletters once in a while and send specific Quotations when they are ready to buy. When they place an order, you create a Sales Order.


Buying and Inventory

You can setup your inventory warehouses and manage the stock of your Items Batchwise or by Serial Numbers. Keep track of Items to buy by raising Material Requests, send Purchase Orders to your Customers and enter Purchase Receipts when you receive material.



You can plan your production and material by the Production Planning Tool. Then transfer and convert your raw materials to finished goods.


Billing and Payments

Bill your customers and make shipment entries to keep track of Deliveries. Make payment vouchers for money spent and received.



Define and allocate tasks for Projects and make Time Log entries for work done against tasks.


Customer Support

Capture incoming emails with Support requests from your Customers and tag and allocate them to your team for resolutions. Keep track of service and maintenance contracts and schedules.


Leave, Expenses and Payroll

With EPR you can manage Employee Leaves and manage and approve their Expense Claims. You can also generate monthly Payroll and integrate it with Accounting.


Retail Point of Sale

If you have a retail outlet, you can setup a Point of Sale, where you can make the Bill, Payment and Inventory in once action.


Website and Shopping Cart

You can also generate a fully functional and styled website with your product catalog and shopping cart updated from within your Item master.