Our Team

Our team consists of bright, young & creative people who are passionate about their works, explorative about their interests and innovative in their ways. They are also great people to hang around with

  • Ashfaq Rahman
    Ashfaq Rahman Chief Executive Officer
  • Rafiqur Raman Rony
    Rafiqur Raman Rony Head of design
  • Aubdullah Munim
    Aubdullah Munim Software Developer
  • Khan Samiuzzaman
    Khan Samiuzzaman Assistant Creative Director
  • Refat Shafique
    Refat Shafique Chief Photographer
  • Rakib Hasan Antu
    Rakib Hasan Antu Graphics Designer & Animator
  • Moshiur Rahman
    Moshiur Rahman Web Developer
  • Humayun Rahman
    Humayun Rahman Graphics Designer & Animator
  • Azfar Rahman
    Azfar Rahman Finance & Administration Officer
  • Hasan Ariful Islam (rony)
    Hasan Ariful Islam (rony) Manager Sales
  • Shohidullah Kaisar
    Shohidullah Kaisar Software Developer