Field Force Mobile App for Best in Brands

To manage brand representatives, sales, and requisition we have built a unique mobile application Field Force Mobile App using the latest technology Kotlin.

Field Force Mobile App

About the project

Best in Brands is the largest luxury product importer and distributor in Bangladesh. They have multiple outlets and sales points throughout the country. They have several representatives, brand promoters, and sales executives who manage their sales and distribution operations throughout different outlets, distribution points, or popup sales points. They want to automate this sales process and management of sales representatives with a single mobile application.

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Application Features

Cross Platform Compatible

Location Based

Product & Order Management


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While operating manually, Best in Brands faced several challenges including product missing, overstock or low stock at potential sales points, false attahance or store visits from sales representatives, and many more. We had to solve all these issues and bring every sales-related activity under one umbrella, implementing location-based tracking for all sales representatives.

Field Force Screens
Field Force screen 2
Field Force Dashboard

Our Solution

We have developed one cross-platform mobile application solution for managing all activities and one web panel for the admin to manage the application and extract all the reports. We have used Kotlin for mobile application development and the Frappe framework for web application development.

Research & Analysis

We have started with analyzing current business operations and their loopholes. We have set relevant design & development strategy for the application.

User experience

We have designed the easiest user experience for the mobile application which can be understood and used by employees of any level and expertise. We have ensured the application is easy to navigate and has minimal features.

Mobile Application Development

We have used Kotlin technology for cross-platform application development. Our agile approach and several testing methodologies helped us to ship a fantastic product to the client.


Since deployment, we have been providing technical maintenance and management support for the application.

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